Kick sampling for Aquatic Invertebrates

Kick sampling for Aquatic Invertebrates


  • Dipping net
  • Sampling tray


  • Prepare the sampling tray by putting some river/stream water into it and leave it on flat ground near the bank.
  • Enter a safe and shallow area of the water. An area with pebbles and rocks is the most ideal to get the best out of your sample.
  • Standing up right, put the net into the water so that the flow of water goes through the net.
  • Loosen the sediment and rocks with your feet allowing it to flow into the net.
  • Do this for 3 minutes, moving to different shallow spots in the water within that time.
  • Empty the contents of your net into your sampling tray. Remove any large rocks or leaves after checking the surface of them for any wildlife.
  • Carefully check and record all species that match the list on the App. Tick each one as found and press enter to get a River Health score.
  • Record additional species in the River Wildlife tab.

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