Do you care about your river? Become a Friend of the River with The RiverHealthChecker App. A simple, user friendly app that helps you record and monitor the health of your local river, stream, brook or canal. A simple traffic light system and river health score enable you to understand the condition of your watercourse and what action to take if the condition is poor.
It is designed to support you in reporting water pollution and river wildlife spotting. Submit your findings on the day and then track your entries over time and for multiple locations. All records submitted are moderated and posted on an online map.
Guides are included to show you how to monitor water quality using chemical analysis, aquatic invertebrates sampling and by visual observations of your watercourse but if you need any further guidance, have any queries or need help with any technical errors then please email rivershub@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk and a member of the team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Water pollution is the greatest threat to us and the wonderful wildlife that enjoys living and travelling up and down the watercourses of the UK. The RiverHealthChecker App is a comprehensive aid to river health monitoring. It is GPS enabled with the ability to take photographs. Supported by Shropshire Wildlife Trust, CREST at University of Chester with funding from Environment Agency.

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